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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iran's Sham(e) Election

Just the way it was handled tells you something is wrong. When 85% of a country's population votes using paper ballots - and the result was announced a mere 2 hours after the polls closed, something is wrong.

How the heck do you process millions of paper ballots in two hours? You don't. So it's obvious that the true story is that the conservative religious types running Iran have had a sham election that has a lot of Iranians hopping mad. And it's a shame. Change was in the air and the people were ready for it, just like in the U.S. in 2008. But nothing scares religious hardliners more than change.

The U.S. should call for a UN-led election investigation of Iran's election. It should protest the arrests of the opposition leaders. The opposition in Iran needs that support --to fight for the Iranians who voted expecting a fair election not a rigged one.

An international investigation would avoid another previously determined (rigged) answer. At the minimum it would shed more light on what really just happened in Iran instead of letting the extremists like Ahmadinejad claim they had a legitimate win.


Hameedullah said...

What a joke .
This is not shame on Iran but on United states.Due to racist policies of bush admininstration Muslim world is reacting

Global American said...

This was a case of the Mullah's stealing an election away from the people of Iran - you can't blame that on the U.S., despite the mess the Bush administration created...

Steve Trainor said...

If we all hadn't been so busy with our own lives...we should have seen this coming. There's a reason Iran is a "closed" country. Democracy requires taking chances and being open to change. Iran isn't ready for this (if ever), so good luck on that U.N. intervention. You can't force Liberty from the OUTside -- it has to come from within. So perhaps this will eventually turn in the world's favor. But, really, how terribly stupid & arrogant of the present regime to try to fool the people with an overwhelming vote count...vs. something like 55-45. If so, there might not be this outcry. But, no, ego rules.

nero said...

The last thing that Iranian moderates need is U.S. support -- in the U.N. or anywhere else -- it's still the kiss of death politically in Iran. Imagine if Iran had officially supported Obama over McCain in 2008. See?

Krapotkin said...

Reply to someone surprized at the speed of results publication in Iran ( we still expecting results from Minnesota)

France uses paper ballots, and does give results within hours!
I, for one do not believe that the Iranian elections were fixed.
This is the same senario as in Venezuela, the so called pro Western crowds cried foul, when it was obvious that the Proletariat of about 80% in the country, voted for Chavez, same picture in Iran.
The Proletariat ,does not speak english, and does not have cell phones, etc..., the Iman in the villages ,tells them how to vote!

Bill Jones said...

Maybe the Iranians don't send their kids to learn Math in Texas.

Hameedullah said...

Iran is country of lions. they are democratic people.
West should understand muslim world.
Anthropologist Hameed

Global American said...

Krapotkin: Get real. Millions of PAPER ballots and they had the result in 2 hours! Not a chance. They even in to bus in Ahmadejad supporters today.

The Ayatollah's don't want democracy. A lot of Iranians are mad as Americans were in 2000 when their votes didn't count. Big mistake by the clerics. They have opened Pandora's box...