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Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer, Strong Winds and Pelicans

It's been non-stop work here on the Texas coast.

It makes it all the more special to be able to glance up once in a while to look out over Clear Lake. It's even better to get some time on the balcony, especially when your brain needs a break.

This morning the wind was blowing hard, as it has for months --which is highly unusual. I've noticed that high winds brings out the Pelicans, who often glide by in formation. It is amazing to watch them floating on the air, with their huge wings riding on the strong breeze. It's like watching a group of gliding F-16's skimming over the roof tops.

Have a great holiday weekend. After working through last weekend, I'm ready to take some time off! With gas closing in on $4/ gallon for regular, I'll pass on making an big holiday trip.

We are facing the opening of hurricane season June 1. They are predicting a "busy" season. Better rest (and prepare) now. It could be a wild summer.