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Friday, September 16, 2011

How the GOP Would Fix It


20% of Americans are now in Poverty

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

144,000 U.S. bridges are classified as “derelict”

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

U.S. borrows $2 Trillion to pay for Iraq/Afghanistan wars

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

U.S. Falls from No. 1 in 2000 to No. 9 in Education

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

3 Million U.S. Jobs Unfilled Because Americans Lack Skills

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

Top U.S. 1% Control 33% Wealth--Top10% Control 56%!

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

14 Million Unemployed - Corporations have $1.5 Trillion

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

Top Corporations Pay Executives More Than They Pay in Taxes

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

50 year old pipelines are Exploding Under Peoples’ Homes

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

U.S. Destroyed by Massive Floods and Fires

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

World Destroyed by Climate Change – Must Evacuate Planet

GOP Solution: Cut Taxes

Question: Did America Become Great by NOT building an Interstate Highway system, a Space program, an Internet, or by educating all regardless of income?

Did we become great by doing nothing and not investing in our future and future technologies?

Then HOW do we succeed in the 21st Century by just cutting taxes?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pelicans and Their "Wingmen"...

Until I lived on water I had no idea. But after three or so years of watching the wildlife on Clear Lake, I have seen some fascinating features about the birds and fish on the lake that are fascinating.

Did you know that Pelicans often have a Seagull "wingman" fly with them? When the Pelican dives, the gull lands either next to it on the water - or even on its head! Sometimes the gull gets a bite before the fish goes down the Pelicans big gulp. It's nature's "trickle down."

When the Pelican takes off for another run, the gull flies along behind and to the side, just like the "wingman" on WWII fighter movies - tailing the leader. Then there are times when just a gull alone will hit the water, getting something.

Amazing, how nature works together - something humans could learn from.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers' Day 2011 - Remembering Dad

Watching the classic "Life with Father" before making an airport run.

Remembering dad who passed in an auto accident 40 years ago, when i was a young student at UT. He wasn't a perfect guy, but he always had a joke and a laugh. (We'll overlook the rest!). lol.

We need more fathers who look after the children they do have, and appreciate the ones who do.

I missed that adventure (fatherhood) unfortunately, but I salute those who had that blessing AND enjoy their offspring --AND try their utmost to make the world a better place for them.

That's why it drives me nuts to see dads (and moms) not recognize the danger climate change is to the future of their offspring, and their children. If you think the weather has been freaky in 2011, it is an example how climate change will make it for our heirs if we take no action to correct it.

The very existence of our home planet that is at stake -- not just a bombing. We have survived bombings for centuries. On the grand scale of things, the quality of our planet should rank priority No. 1. Right?

The awareness level of the public and leadership is just like it was when I kept doing videos in the 90's and articles on terrorism before 9/11 (some still on YouTube under "Fjet2020"). No one paid attention then either.

Our heirs can't survive if the planet doesn't. Think about that on this Fathers' Day as well.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

what happened to the 4 Hispanic districts for the four new Texas Congressional seats?

So what happened to the 4 Hispanic districts for the four new Texas Congressional seats that Texas gets since Hispanics made the growth that earned the seats?

I don't recall narrow minded white (GOP) guys generating that growth? LOL

SO, WHERE are the 4 Hispanic seats in the proposed Texas Congressional redistricting plan if we are to elect representatives from the group that generated that growth (Hispanics)...?

The proposed new districts favor only GOP candidates, even when it takes drawing the strangest boundaries in the planet. Those seats should not go to additional seats by white GOP males whose policies show disrespect and even disdain for Hispanics.

They belong to Hispanic candidates...

Friday, March 18, 2011

TX Budget: Billions Available Says AARP

The AARP has come up with a list of money Texas could tap to fix its budget hole. Without comment, here they are:

Eliminate Sales Tax exemptions on business, professional services (legal, architectural, real estate broker, except health care)...Would RAISE $5.6 Billion on 2012-13 biennium

Eliminate high-cost-natural-gas exemption...Would RAISE $2.3 Billion

Eliminate recognition of optional percentage homestead exemption...Would Raise $1 Billion

Eliminate freeport property tax exemption...Would RAISE $850 Million

Eliminate 10% property tax appraisal cap...Would RAISE $650 Million

RAISE sales tax 1/2%...Would RAISE $3 Billion
INCREASE Franchise Tax from 1% to 1.25%...Would RAISE $2.1 Billion
RAISE Gas Tax 5 cents....Would RAISE $1.5 Billion
RAISE cigarette tax 59 cents/pack...Would RAISE $1.2 Billion

ALLOW Slot Machines at existing gambling sites...Would RAISE $2 Billion

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

incredible freaky weather worldwide on a scale never seen before

While we are freezing, scientists witnessed a polar bear are having to swim 10 days just to find an iceberg to hunt, arctic temps are 40 degrees ABOVE normal and they just verified we had the hottest 2,000 years in human history.

Let's see, monster 186 mph hurricane in Australia, worst floods in history almost everywhere, incredible freaky weather worldwide on a scale never seen before (hot in the arctic and cold in the south), I thought that these were supposed to be signs of climate change...

Did I miss something?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Do you want to know what causes nut jobs to shoot people?

Good day to PACK boxes - what a downpour! Cold at that. The lake is whipped into a raging frenzy.

Movers arrive tomorrow. I remember why I move so seldom - it sucks! LOL.

I am so sorry for the Tucson people killed by the idiot at a Congressional meeting. We have let the nut jobs blow too long.

We are AMERICANS: we choose ballots over bullets. We don't need to follow the nut jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan - they prefer the bullet. That is what makes us unique, or has.

We can disagree without shooting people. We've allowed extremists to make millions spreading false facts on radio and TV, calling the President "Imam" etc. Yes, I'm talking about the jerks Limbaugh and Beck.

Do you want to know what causes nut jobs to shoot people, including a Congressional rep?

People like this: Rush Gasbag and Glenn Beckenstein. Listen to the false hysteria promoted by these two con jobs. They lie to million of American people for profit - not for TRUTH.

They shout "Fire" in a crowded theater: radio and TV.

They falsely claim the President was not born in the U.S. or the biggest lie that an American President would actually try to sabotage the U.S. They put crosshairs on the political opponents, as Palin did. They shout "reload!"

We are AMERICANS: we choose ballots over bullets. We have to return to respecting people and civil dialogue, and TRUTH. It matters for our future.

Monday, January 03, 2011

4 year old Insight -Kids can say the darnest things

Kids can say the darnest things, as Art Linkletter used to say. And I think that's true before they get to be teenagers lost in the world of IPhones, etc.

My favorites are the 4 -7 year olds I've been around lately. They have an intelligence, and curiosity and desire to communicate that teens don't since the latter are trying to assert their independence (like the horror of being seen in a restaurant with mom and dad).

Last night I was at a dinner which included 3 grandchildren - all girls from 1 year, 4 years and 5. I was talking to their grandmother about how they seemed to get through holidays without any family drama and that they could be a role model for families.

At that point the 4 year old said: "That's lame" in a soft little voice. I had to stop and laugh. She is so funny, and bright!

She was also the one who dropped the bomb in a very casual way when she said: "We are going to live in a high rise with mom and in the house with dad." Wow. Pretty calm reaction to a split.

Linkletter was right, kids say the darnest things. And they have great insight. I'm thinking we could use more of them in Congress in the days ahead, when adults deal in fantasy and kids tell the truth, even when it's lame...