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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pelicans and Their "Wingmen"...

Until I lived on water I had no idea. But after three or so years of watching the wildlife on Clear Lake, I have seen some fascinating features about the birds and fish on the lake that are fascinating.

Did you know that Pelicans often have a Seagull "wingman" fly with them? When the Pelican dives, the gull lands either next to it on the water - or even on its head! Sometimes the gull gets a bite before the fish goes down the Pelicans big gulp. It's nature's "trickle down."

When the Pelican takes off for another run, the gull flies along behind and to the side, just like the "wingman" on WWII fighter movies - tailing the leader. Then there are times when just a gull alone will hit the water, getting something.

Amazing, how nature works together - something humans could learn from.