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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fjetland Beats "Weiner" for a Name Suitable for Office

When i ran for Congress someone commented how terrible my name was for a politician. I admit "Fjetland" is no "Smith" or "Jones" but it would be a dull world if we all had the same name.

I will tell you that "Fjetland" is way BETTER name for any public office than the name "WIENER" --literally or figuratively. For Congress, Mayor whater.  WHo the hell spends ALL DAY sending sex texts? Have they no LIFE? I didn't even THINK of doing that when running for office - never have. I have better things to do.

My experience running for office showed me something else -- why our politics today is in  stalemate - our system of gerrymandered districts where white Republicans can ignore the majority minority who live in Texas, for example, produces the extremist rather than the Centrists and Moderates that get things done without Drama and Trauma...

I ran against the most feared Congress reps at the time - majority leader Tom DeLay. And lived to Tell. That story is Chapter "Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer"

How we FIX OUR BROKEN POLITICAL SYSTEM --and avoiding American versions of the Taliban -- is in the final chapter of "Better Times Ahead April Fool." It's called "Agenda of American Greatness"....

I included photos I personally took from China to India 30 years ago - and again last year.See for yourself the difference versus where WE are today...

We DON'T need more WEINERS in Congress. We need more WINNERS in Congress! LOL.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From Football Legend Permian -- to Starting Over in Plainview. American Re-invention

I am pleased to say that my partner's son-in-law has accepted a job as coach at Plainview High School after coaching at Odessa Permian. How ironic since i went to Plainview High for a year in 1967 - the year I also started pilot training at their little airport.

Once again it shows how re-invention is an inescapable element of life that keeps us from being defeated when a door closes. Another one opens. Odessa had a huge upheaval - they got rid of most of the coaches. Then the new guys showed up and treated the kids like dirt - yelling at them and telling them they "aren't any good." Definitely "Theory X" coaching that  Captain Blight would approve of and will probably result in the team having a losing season.

My partner's son-in-law lost his job but didn't miss a beat. He got a great offer in the oilfield but snapped a ligament (I think) while trying to lift a heavy barrel.  They really liked him but I think that the dullness of going into the oilfields and doing the same thing every day wasn't his cup of tea. His wife said that "he just stopped talking."  hey, there's more to life than a paycheck.

Then Plainview came along and made a great offer -- and he took it on Sunday. So in his 40's they are moving three kids to start a new career in a town of 22,000. It was the same size when i lived there in the 60's!

I wonder if it still has the "McDonald's Trading Post" my friends dad owned when I lived there? It was a treasure trove for boys like us. Pete had a three wheel scooter and freaked me out once when he drove it on the runway in the dark. But back then, the chances of a plane landing at night were pretty slim. We actually became licensed pilots soon after I left. It's a great skill to have.

ALL of us have to reinvent ourselves, like David has - and I have. I had to do it often - as recently as starting a brand new business when I was 57 - which has grown 500% during the worst economy in 70 years. I founded it in 2007 just before the 2008 collapse. It was the right thing at the right time.

If you want to see how life can spin you into a black hole and still come out of it to grow and thrive, check out "Better Times Ahead April Fool." I can't tell David's story, but I can share mine.

The best days are ahead of us even when we don't know it....It's all about re-invention and never giving up. I know David will do GREAT at the new job. You have to love what you do or it won't work...