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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers' Day 2011 - Remembering Dad

Watching the classic "Life with Father" before making an airport run.

Remembering dad who passed in an auto accident 40 years ago, when i was a young student at UT. He wasn't a perfect guy, but he always had a joke and a laugh. (We'll overlook the rest!). lol.

We need more fathers who look after the children they do have, and appreciate the ones who do.

I missed that adventure (fatherhood) unfortunately, but I salute those who had that blessing AND enjoy their offspring --AND try their utmost to make the world a better place for them.

That's why it drives me nuts to see dads (and moms) not recognize the danger climate change is to the future of their offspring, and their children. If you think the weather has been freaky in 2011, it is an example how climate change will make it for our heirs if we take no action to correct it.

The very existence of our home planet that is at stake -- not just a bombing. We have survived bombings for centuries. On the grand scale of things, the quality of our planet should rank priority No. 1. Right?

The awareness level of the public and leadership is just like it was when I kept doing videos in the 90's and articles on terrorism before 9/11 (some still on YouTube under "Fjet2020"). No one paid attention then either.

Our heirs can't survive if the planet doesn't. Think about that on this Fathers' Day as well.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

what happened to the 4 Hispanic districts for the four new Texas Congressional seats?

So what happened to the 4 Hispanic districts for the four new Texas Congressional seats that Texas gets since Hispanics made the growth that earned the seats?

I don't recall narrow minded white (GOP) guys generating that growth? LOL

SO, WHERE are the 4 Hispanic seats in the proposed Texas Congressional redistricting plan if we are to elect representatives from the group that generated that growth (Hispanics)...?

The proposed new districts favor only GOP candidates, even when it takes drawing the strangest boundaries in the planet. Those seats should not go to additional seats by white GOP males whose policies show disrespect and even disdain for Hispanics.

They belong to Hispanic candidates...