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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What? Obama has actually CUT taxes for bottom 95%

Russian billionaires doubled in the last year....Most of their wealth remains concentrated in a few at the top, like Mexico.

Our tax policy from 2000-2008 took wealth from the middle class and moved it to the top 5%...

Obama has actually CUT taxes for the bottom 95% of Americans, if you paid attention.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Introducing "Global American Values" blog - Why NASA Needs to Change

Introducing "Global American Values" blog:

Why NASA Needs to Change for America to Have a Chance in Space

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Potential of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack – Real Even Before 9/11

In 1994, after the failed bombing the New York World Trade Center –which killed about six people – I produced a TV program about the potential for a nuclear terrorist attack on the United States (link to Part 1 can be found at:

Copies of this video were made available to VP-Elect Dick Cheney (and the next majority leader, Tom DeLay) in January 2001 – nine months before 9/11. Yet despite an August memo to the President warning of a possible terrorist attack, no action was taken. No one called and asked: "What the hell is THAT about?" No one asked anything. Yet everyone was "shocked, shocked" that 9/11 happened. For anyone with any global experience, it was obvious.

My theory of a nuclear terrorist attack was wrong only in that I assumed it would be Saddam Hussain who carried it out. It’ s now obvious that Al Qaida – which was forming the same year the video was made – is the most likely to seek, buy and trigger a nuclear terrorist bomb.

With President Obama’s Nuclear Terrorism Summit today, for the first time we have had a President call for global action on the worst possible scenario that has been largely ignored in the past decade – the threat of nuclear terrorism on U.S. soil.

My scenario involved a missile fired from a ship, but even more likely is a criminal gang stealing one and selling it to someone like AL Qaida, which uses it on a major U.S. city like Washington DC or New York as the President said today.

My book on the potential attack on the U.S. using a nuclear device was based on facts: thousands of nukes loose after the fall of the Soviet Union, unlocked uranium storage, etc. – but reality would be much worse.

We should feel better that a President is taking pre-emptive action to avoid the worst possible attacks than one who is surprised it could even happen. Pakistan’s real nukes are a more inviting target for Osama bin Laden living less than sixty miles away than the current zero nukes in Iran. Why would a terrorist care about Iran when Pakistan may have up to 200 or more existing nuclear weapons in its inventory – and an unstable government?

The less scattered nuclear material around the world equals more security for the United States and the rest of the world. The President should get a “thumbs up” even among the loyal opposition for addressing an issue that is No. 1 for our existence as a nation.

Even the horror of 9/11, a conventional attack, would be nothing compared to the devastation of a small band of lunatics using a suitcase nuke or similar device on an American, European, or any, city. You are talking about radiation zones that would last centuries and the potential loss of entire governments (on both sides of the aisle)…

If you don't think so, check out some of the facts bought out in my old 1994 TV video that didn't get a response even after I ran for Congress against Mr. DeLay in 2000 - I figured he'd at least look at the video of a competitor to see if it made me look like a fool or something...LOL.

The attached link shows the countries that have enriched uranium that could be a source for a nuke.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

GOP Convention – Repeat of 2000-2008 Fairy Tale Economics

Their platform? Cut taxes and balance the budget at the same time!

Haven't we fallen for that fairy tale before? Like during 2000-2008 when Bush put everything on the credit card - two wars, Plan D, the tax cut for the top 5% which the little guys paid for.

How about a real platform of honesty? After Reagan's budget deficit disaster in the 80’s (candidate H.W. Bush I called it ‘voodoo economies), Bush I said “read my lips,” and then raised taxes to reverse the negative spiral.

President Clinton, who won in ’92 partly as a result of Bush I’s tax increase, kept those rates and restrained spending, handing Bush II a $200 billion SURPLUS.

Bush II handed Obama a $5 TRILLION DEFICIT (doubling our national debt accumulated over 200 years in 8 short years!)

In effect, Clinton handed “W” keys to the world’s fastest supertanker but “W” gave Obama the keys to a smoking supertanker, hung up on a reef leaking oil, with a frozen banking system and a $1.3 Trillion deficit from his last year in office.

We need more of this?

All Sarah Palin could talk about in her speech was OIL, OIL, OIL. She criticized Obama for picking on Afghanistan “President” Karzai, who won office by vote fraud yet accused the U.S. of committing the fraud! Then he says he is tempted to side with the Taliban! Palin feels sorry for Karzai? Yikes – pay attention to the news!

Did she propose the GOP candidate for Sen. Reid's seat come out in FAVOR of storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain? No, but she criticized Obama for closing it.

In 2010 we need to see some political reality and adults proposing some real solutions – our ship is still in recovery mode.

During 2000-2008, corporations were allowed to pretend to move offshore and stop paying their U.S. taxes (ordinary citizens can’t do that.) Companies were given no-bid billion dollar Iraq contracts. Revenues dwindled despite boom times. Naturally, deficit borrowing soared.

Billions of dollars were lost for our federal treasury, so Bush covered it with borrowed money (a lot from China) during a prolonged boom when people had lots of cash to pay a fair share. The government lost money so that a privileged few at the top of the economic ladder could pay less or nothing at all. Wall Street was allowed to drive drunk and collapse the world economy with credit default swaps while betting against their own customers. Your kids and grandkids were left with the bill.

Do you think that even John McCain, had he been elected, would have sat in office and done NOTHING to fix a wrecked ship on a reef?

TARP was actually started by the Bush administration – not Obama. Do you think McCain would not have asked for a stimulus when the entire economy had frozen up along with economies around the world?

Do you think people would be happier if our unemployment were up to twice as high because the government had, like President Hoover in the 30’s depression, done nothing? If a man is drowning, you either throw a lifeline or do nothing? If throwing a line is socialism and doing nothing is capitalism, someone is really confused. The right American thing should be throwing the line.

It’s easy to criticize and be an armchair quarterback, but we need to see some real proposals from the GOP to get America competing globally: green technology for renewables is one of the few areas that would do it. I didn’t hear that coming from the GOP convention. Drill baby drill won’t cut it when we have only 2% of the world’s oil and consume 20%! That is fuzzy math.

Calling people patriots and repeating “American is great” a hundred times is not a plan and won't make America great. Talk is not action. People need to hear some hard truths – fixing wrecked economies takes time and money. It doesn’t happen by doing nothing or ballooning the deficit even more.

All I heard yesterday was more fairy tale economics and “just say no” negative attitudes instead of some real solutions based on reality to help our country to compete with fast-growing, high-tech China, India, etc. in the 21st Century.

Re-electing the same folks who got us into this mess based on the same platform from 2000-2008 is not a solution, its insanity because it will lead to the same result – more deficits and favoritism for the top 5% instead of the Obama administration focus on the middle class.

Palin’s plan would insure America stays focused on old technologies while countries like China are racing in front of us -- developing solar, wind, and renewable energy while buying up mineral rights worldwide. China has built a 350 mph Mag Lev train and their export base is global. The GOP focus is keeping the tax cuts for the top 5%.

Repeating past mistakes is not going to advance American interests. We need to return to people paying their fair share, like Bush 41 had the courage to do, to get our budget back in control and return to honest accounting instead of the 2000-2008 voodoo economics that didn’t even include the cost of the two wars in the Bush budgets.

Neither America’s, nor the world’s, future will be advanced on fairy tales and platitudes.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

How Bacteria from a Sneeze Lived on the Moon for 3 years - Life Beyond the Bubble

Photo: Apollo 12 (background). Astronaut pulling camera off surveyor...that had a surprise in it.

I was just watching a TV program on which Pete Conrad, Commander of the Apollo 12 mission, which deliberately landed on the moon near the site where the moon surveyor had landed nearly three years before. The idea was that the astronauts would cut a piece off the earlier lander to take back and test - to see what happened to something stuck on the hostile moon for years.

They cut off the surveyor's camera. When they brought it back to earth and disassembled it, they discovered that someone had sneezed into it during its construction. The bacteria from that earthly sneeze had been in the airless radiation on the moon's surface for 33 months - nearly 3 years.

Yet when the scientists put the bacteria in a Petri dish, they returned to life as if nothing had happened!

In the day, the temperature of the Moon averages 1070 C, although it rises as high as 1230 C (250o F). The night cools the surface to an average of -153o C, or -2330 C in the permanently shaded south polar basin. A typical non-polar minimum temperature is -1810 C (at the Apollo 15 site). That's over a 500 degree difference from day to night temperatures.

Yet -- despite these temperatures and living in a vacuum -- the bacteria that produce the 'common cold' survived when brought back to earth.

If the bacteria had died, then it would make life as we know it outside our planet seem difficult or impossible to survive deep space conditions. But since ordinary human bacteria lived in space for years without air or water, then it shows that life beyond Earth is entirely possible, lurking perhaps beneath the ice on Mars or Europa.

We seem to live in our own fishbowl, looking at only our town, our State or country. If we looked beyond our community fishbowl, we'd find that people are pretty much alike all over the world - most of them looking for a job, security and education for their kids. They are also focused pretty much on their own fishbowls.

Taliban teach hate because they have never been anywhere outside their bubble. Catholic church leaders remain detached from the secular world outside an insular institution. Lack of vision beyond the bubble usually leads to a poor vision of reality and that always leads to trouble.

But if we look beyond even our planet, a trip to the moon made long ago on Apollo 12 gave us solid proof and evidence that life can exist beyond our own earthly fishbowl.

We need to look beyond our bubbles, because only then do we see true reality. When I see our so-called experts with their radio shows, it amazes me how little they really know. I was lucky to get beyond the Midwest and Texas and did business in over 50 countries. You have no clue about the world and its reality until you have seen life in countless other places, and seen both the differences and similarities.

All of us need to get beyond our bubble worlds, because without it we aren't seeing reality. And if we don't live in reality that always leads to being blindsided by trouble...(remember Pearl Harbor, 9/11?)

After Apollo 12, if you don't think life can live beyond our Earth bubble, well, get prepared for another shock of reality.

Maybe that is what it will take to get humans to work together--finally.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Want a Job? Get a GREEN One…(Available Now)

So, you need a job? Right now? Then get a GREEN job. They are Available Now. They will only GROW in number and size the next couple of decades.

I was unemployed in the 80’s after being laid off from a Fortune 500 company, so I know what it is like for a lot of Americans today. I learned some valuable lessons on how to beat a bum economy.

After looking for another corporate job for years (and getting older) I finally saw reality, gave up sending resumes and became an entrepreneur. That is when I discovered you don’t have to wait for someone to give you a job to make a comfortable living. If I had continued waiting for someone to give me a job I’d still be waiting (and broke).

Today GREEN JOBS are where the action is. And they are available now and represent our fastest and best growth market. My company, for example, is a green company. It sells and installs an energy efficiency product.

When everyone had sales plummeting last year, our sales went UP 500%! We were hiring people and generating economic activity while others were cutting back. This year looks even better. We are getting calls from everywhere, inside and outside of the U.S.

Why? Because SUV’s that get 10 mpg don’t make much sense, but a product that cuts energy use (by cutting solar heat 50-70% and cancer-causing UV 99%) while also protecting windows from bricks hurled at them by burglars (or protesters) or from a bomb blast or a Hurricane IKE breaking glass (costing $40 million in damage to one building in downtown Houston alone) DOES make a lot of sense. It makes sense for our economy, our energy independence and our job creation! This is only one product example of the thousands of new efficiency products that are available that can pay for themselves -- and are creating the new jobs of the 21st Century.

So if you want to get to work now, go get a Green Job – such as designing green buildings, or selling solar Ppnels, installing wind turbines and radiant barriers, selling Security Window Film to cut energy waste or learning how to install it, designing and building new nano-tube high efficiency transmission lines, building factories to produce magnets for a MagLev 300+ mph train in the NY – DC corridor (no rails needed) to compete with China’s, build a space solar collector to feed our power grid with the sun (which would develop our private space transport business) –all these jobs are possible or AVAILABLE NOW.

But it will happen only if you decide to make it happen -- and government keeps (and makes) the right incentives to let it happen.

Being laid off is not the end, but the beginning of personal experience that yes, is painful, but can also open fantastic new doors to unimagined opportunities and results.

When a road ends, change is all that you have left if you want to get back on track. I struggled for many years after being laid off, waiting for someone to give me the job I knew I deserved. It didn’t happen. Only when I created my own job/s did my world improve.

Today I am riding a growing six figure business and we haven’t touched the tip of the iceberg yet.

Tired of not working? Go get your own Green Job today. Build yourself a green future that puts money in your pocket and cuts our energy waste at the same time.

You’ll thank yourself in the future many times over. And it will make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy at the same time. It’s a win-win.