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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Create Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs That Can’t Be Exported

“Starting in late 2009, Clinton began lobbying privately for an energy-efficiency loan-guarantee program. He prepared a detailed memo for the White House laying out a plan that would use $9 billion from the Treasury to leverage $67 billion in financing to retrofit offices and residential buildings. This specific, doable idea—comprehensible to the independent, small businesspeople Obama has lost—would create hundreds of thousands of new green jobs in construction and manufacturing that can’t be exported.”

Article link:

Neither President Obama nor the GOP have embraced this plan that would generate a big boost in jobs and cut our energy waste at the same time. It would put us back in competition with China that is taking the lead in new green technology – the next major job-creating engine of the 21st Century.

The U.S. needs an energy PLAN. Doing the “same ol’, same ol’” will not solve our debt and energy issues. Only bold, innovative action will. Thomas Friedman points out how seriously we are lagging China’s “Moon Shots” and this is a policy to help us regain the lead.

Friedman article link:

What Bill Clinton has proposed should be up before Congress right now – with a bipartisan vote because it will create the jobs we need and advance the technology leadership we are losing.

And remember, Clinton was the last President to generate a $200 billion SURPLUS so he knows something about budgets (that $200 billion surplus was instantly turned into a $1.6 trillion deficit after the Bush tax cuts of 2001, and grew larger with two unpaid for wars, etc.).

We need leaders who will generate the jobs we need – and Bill Clinton’s plan should be embraced by both parties for that simple reason.

Have you seen a better one that advances our technology and generates the huge number of jobs we need?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Want to REALLY FIX our Economy? Drop All Tax Cuts and Cut Pentagon 50%

"Where's the beef" was a popular commercial years ago - and that applies to the GOP "Pledge to America" Their plan only continues to INCREASE the debt more than a $1 TRILLION MORE than the Obama Plan.

Yet even the Obama Plan won't be able to get the budget back under control unless we take even more serious action than the political wimps on both sides who won't tell America what really needs to be done. Voters want to believe in fairy dust - that you can cut taxes and increase spending and come out ahead instead of deeper in the hole (voters prefer voodoo economics to reality!)

Want to really get costs and income under control?

Then let ALL the tax cuts expire. That would generate $4 TRILLION dollars in the next decade. (The GOP plan to let the top 1% keep their tax cut would put us another $1 TRILLION in the hole).

Then CUT COSTS starting with the fattest cow in the lot --which alone could save $3.5 TRILLION in the next decade. Which is that?

Since the Pentagon budget is more than the military budgets of the next 45 countries COMBINED, that's the fattest cow. It has too many unneeded weapons projects and too many surplus Generals sitting around with nothing to do and too many layers of bureaucrats. We have excessive numbers of Generals and layers and layers of bureaucrats that make getting stuff to Afghanistan and Iraq harder not easier.

CUT its budget 50% so our military budget is only larger than the next ten countries combined. That would save $350 billion a year, or $3.5 TRILLION in the next decade.

Between the two, we would be $7.5 TRILLION AHEAD - Put another way, we'd be $7.5 TRILLION out of the hole (making up for the $5 TRILLION we went into the hole from 2000-2008). It would eliminate the need to attack our safety nets like social security and any other cuts are pure gravy.

But Americans really don't want reality - just more voodoo economics that they can have their tax cuts and a smaller deficit too. LOL. No politician ever tells voters what they need to hear; only what they want to hear.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Obama Goes After Employers Hiring Illegals - Will GOP Reverse that - & Protect the Traffickers?

Not until the Obama administration were EMPLOYERS held responsible for knowingly hiring illegals instead of US citizens. This didn't happen under Bush and when the GOP held control of Congress from 2000-2006.

Now it turns out the some of these employers are even trafficking in humans to get their workforce! Why did the GOP give these creeps cover for so long? It's wrong even if they are not trafficking humans! Check out the linked article to get a taste of what employers are doing that hurts both Americans and the illegals.

Will the GOP protect these creeps again, assuming they take control of Congress this November? Let's hear it from their, BEFORE the election.

Whose side is the GOP on? Do they still favor the employers (by not punishing them like the Obama administration has) or do they favor the working Americans who don't get jobs when employers are knowingly hiring illegals instead, even engaging in human trafficking!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

These corporations are making Gov't look downright Good

You say corporations are better than gov't right?

Well, I go to Discount Tire store in Kemah to replace a couple bad ones, but it turns out they don't do alignments! (I'm supposed to put on new tires and ride off with them misaligned? How stupid!).

So then I have to go to a NTB place for an alignment (so they are smarter in that regard). They park my car in front but don't tell me --I find them doodling in an office! Stupid corporate trick No. 2.

Then Today I find out the Verizon rep sold me the original Droid, not the 2 or the X! (Hey, sell them the old stuff first!) Duh! And they have this crazy system where reps are in different stores on different days so you never can connect with the person who sold you the phone.

That's three dumb corporate moves in a row.Got more you'd like to share? Add a comment.

What corporate genius said that you should sell tires but not an alignment? Did he jump out with his golden parachute yet? This is how we are supposed to get out of a recession?

We be stupid! No wonder why we are in a mess - and its not just government we need to improve. What happened to common sense and service that makes sense?

Would Jesus Burn a Koran? Kickback on our Troops

A so-called "Christian" group is planning to burn copies of the Koran, the Islamic holy book, on 9/11. Where did Jesus say "Hate Thy Neighbor and Burn His Books"?

Gen. David Petraeus, the commander in Afghanistan, said the burning of Islam's holy books "could cause significant problems" for American troops overseas.

"It could endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort in Afghanistan," Petraeus said in a statement issued Monday.

Petraeus is right. The alleged "Christians" doing this are beyond stupid. It's going to lead to more soldier deaths and be a recruiting bonanza for Al Qaida, who is about as popular as a pack of rattlesnakes since they are now killing fellow Muslims (Shiites) with car bombs in Iraq.

What bible are these so-called Christians reading? They translate Jesus' command "Love Thy Neighbor" into overt acts of disrespect, hate and incitement. I would wager a bridge in Booklyn that they don't even know that Jesus and the Virgin Mary are treated with great respect and admiration in the Koran. Instead of doing the Jesus thing of interfaith meetings to seek common ground, they are doing the Hitler book burning act -- and sounding equally intolerant.

Did Jesus ever call for the burning of the Jewish holy book, the Torah, even when he was being sentenced to death? You might recall he actually "forgave" his executioners; he didn't condemn them or call for revenge.

How would you feel if someone from another religion, or an atheist, burned a bible? That's the kind of reaction this stupid act will have on Muslims worldwide. It's a slap in the face; its not Jesus saying "turn the other cheek" is it?

You may recall that Jesus lived at a time when Judaism was the dominant religion and Christianity was the new kid in town. Anyone calling for burning the Koran seems to have missed reading the same bible stories I did.

In this respect our extremists are no different from the Muslim extremists who hate everyone not as limited and intolerant as they are.

The blood of our troops will be on this idiot's hands. In fact, it is not even "Christian" to do so - did Jesus burn books?

Actions have consequences folks. Our acting as stupid and intolerant as the Taliban and Al Qaida doesn't give us the high ground. Extremists are twisting Christianity and Islam into nothing but intolerant blind hate --the opposite of what both Jesus and Muhammad taught.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tea Party: Kill Social Security, Mediaid - Economic Solution>?

You think the job situation is bad because of the illegals in this country? Think again. We did this one to ourselves. More precisely, DC did this to us when it let Wall Street run wild with phony credit default swaps from 2000 to 2008 while a GOP-controlled Congress borrowed and spent like drunken sailors.

Not one illegal was responsible for Wall Street's greed selling phony instruments to banks worldwide and nearly tanking the global economy. Not one illegal cast a vote in Congress DOUBLING OUR NATIONAL DEBT IN 8 SHORT YEARS from 2000 to 2008--a debt that had taken over 200 years to build to that point!

Most of the illegals were bent over doing jobs Americans won't do anyway - like picking food in the field or working in Iowa meat plants and chicken farms.

Things have changed though. The Bush administration refused to penalize the employers so that did get jobs away from people willing to work. The Obama administration has been more aggressive on cheating employers who hire illegals instead of U.S. citizens.

Wall Street's hedge fund managers and borrow and spend by Bush/GOP really put us in a deep hole that will take YEARS to get the jobs back. Many are gone forever.

They allowed U.S. companies to stay here but "move" their headquarters offshore so they could duck paying their fair share of taxes. That increased our deficit. They gave the top 5% the lion's share of tax cuts, paid for with borrowed money, which the rest of us -- you, your kids and great-grandkids -- will have to pay for. That increased the deficit. (the Pentagon budget so that it is greater than the next 20 countries defense budgets put together—we could save hundreds of billions and still have a budget greater than the next ten countries put together).

How are we going to fix our mess and cut the deficit if we don't close these unfair tax loopholes for the privileged and many others like it? Ordinary citizens don't get this kind of preferential treatment.

And let's face the truth -- a lot of individual Americans were doing the same thing with their home equity borrowing in the 2000's. The whole thing was unsustainable. Finally the credit card maxes out and the party goes bust.

I found out when I was laid off years ago that I had to create my own job, and take a low pay filler to get cash flow even though I had a law degree. However, as a result, I now own a thriving "green" company that is part of the new economy. I’m making more money than I have in my life, with my own company that sells a product that pays for itself multiple times over. It’s the type of clean new industries we need to produce new jobs.
Tea Party candidates are suggesting the solution to our problems is to get rid of social security and medicaid. They blame the illegals for our economic troubles.

Don't blame the illegals for our economic troubles. They didn't create this mess. They came here to fill the job void during the good times. It was our own idiots in DC that let Wall Street run wild and spent borrowed money like drunken sailors from 2000 to the time the party crashed in late 2008 that got us into this black hole. It wasn’t them and it wasn’t President Obama. He got a wrecked ship full of $5 trillion in new IOU’s when he arrived the first day on the job. It will take years to fix the damage.

What is so ironic is that the crew that wrecked this ship up on the reef are now the ones claiming to be able to "fix" it - by voting against Wall Street reform and going back to tax cuts for the wealthy that makes our economy more and more like Mexico's - a pyramid with a few at the top getting all the breaks with most of the people with nothing at the bottom.

Watch for the truth. When the "tea party" people like Sharon Angle call for abolishing social security and Medicaid (which millions of people like my mother depend on), then exactly who are they representing? Not the ordinary, legal American.

The problem today is not the illegals, so much as it is the "legal" citizens who are returning us to the failed economic policies of the 2000's, and worse.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Floating Car

This is not something you see everyday - a dune buggy on floats!