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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Major Changes in the Wind, Like a Fall Breeze

Major changes are in the wind.

Mr. DeLay stands indicted. The trail back to the dirty money is so clear that little kids could trace it --sequentially numbered checks in blank sent back days after delivering the illegal money. Dumb! DeLay’s team should be in the running for TV’s “America’s Dumbest Criminals.”
Fact: DeLay is no longer majority leader.

Therefore he is no more effective than a freshman Congressman. In fact, he's less effective than a freshman because he is now focused only on his own hide instead of our community.

And he won't be able to shake the fact you don't get a felony indictment for jaywalking. Or that in the jungle of DC you don't get the power back once you lose it. I cannot endorse criminal activity -- whether it is by a Democrat or Republican.

Those who back DeLay from here on out are backing a person charged with a high crime not a misdemeanor. The law was clear and so was the intent to avoid it. DeLay is now in the same category as Al Capone. He put himself there, not the Democrats.

Mr. Earle as a Democrat has charged four times more Democrats with high crimes than Republicans, and unlike DeLay, he has been bipartisan in approach.

I started on this mission because of his negative use of power and activities like this.

We can all debate policy decisions but money laundering to skirt a 100-year law is pretty serious. It wasn’t a simple accounting error. It wasn’t because he was forced into it. It shows how corrupt power has made Mr. DeLay.

It is time for it to end.

My mission from day one in 2000 has been to replace the Congressional face of this district --from DeLay’s arrogant, corrupt, overly partisan, negative persona to mine.

Mine is focused on cooperation, respect and finding common ground and common sense solutions in this global economy.

I invite all readers and potential supporters to say goodbye to the ways of DeLay and be a part of my 21st Century diversity team –the only team headed by someone with the global skills our country needs after the avoidable blunders made in Iraq, FEMA, Katrina, Pork barrel highway bills, runaway deficits, etc.

For more info, please call my coordinator/press secretary Jason Kniss and introduce yourself. His cell # is (281) 630-4917. Or email him at: Or email me at: Or call me at Cell 713 213 5080.

P.S> On my first try after announcment of DeLay's indictment, I received a pledge for $50,000. We expect that to mushroom as word spreads.

Standby for some major announcements ahead...

Fall has always been my time of the year...

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