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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mayor's Plan on the Homeless

I heard Local 2 news report tonight that Houston has 14,000 homeless and that it would take “$25 million to solve homelessness in Houston.”

The reporter said that number is “impossibly high” to reach and only $1 million will be invested. Really? Now $25 billion would be impossible. But we spend more than $25 million on pet food in this city. If we can solve homelessness for that modest investment, then private and public cooperation should make it so--now. Mayor White, to his credit, has a plan that calls for using abandoned apartments etc for this effort. It should be pursued.

If you haven’t had to sleep on a street or in your car, then maybe it doesn’t matter to you. It matters to me because I came close to homelessness in the bust of the 80’s. It matters to the families living on the street. If we are to be truly civilized, making this modest investment is a plus for our community.

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