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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Woman Who Would Be Bush

Hillary Clinton said she'd nuke Iran if necessary, one of the most reckless statements a Presidential candidate can make -- as she herself has said in the past. Now she seems ready to be more Bush than Bush to show her "executive" capacity.

If anything, Clinton's statement shows how dangerous it would be to put in office someone who somehow feels driven to show how masculine she can be with military force, just like Bush. Like Bush, she has never served in the military and has never had to dodge sniper bullets, but flip statements about dropping nuclear weapons on an Islamic country can only raise great concern worldwide about another American President being reckless in starting wars that prove costly and only increase bitterness against us - worldwide.

Why she would make such a statement is unknowable - but it shows a desperate overreaching that bodes ill for the American people if she obtains control of the White House and mimics leaders like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who can't let go of power after 28 years either, despite losing an election.

If Clinton finds a way to change the rules in the 4th quarter to steal the nomination from Mr. Obama -- by resorting to character assassination, gutter politics and nuclear triggers -- then we will end up no better than we were during the last eight years under Mr. Bush. He is another leader who never went to war but started one that cost so much blood and treasure the next President needs to extinguish it, not add yet another one that could end in a doomsday showdown with Russia, Iran's ally.

Clinton's stated readiness to nuke another country shows a dangerous new trend that makes her unqualified to represent a new face of America....

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