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Monday, July 07, 2008

Taken at Tookie's

Saturday, the day after July 4th, had lunch at Tookie's in Seabrook. Big mistake! Came out 30 minutes later and found that someone had broken the passenger window and stolen my TomTom GPS. In broad daylight. The police said it was only the 3rd time in 10 years.

Today the Tookie's manager called and said their insurance wouldn't cover it --and neither would the owner. They really care about their customers, yeah. Park at Tookie's at your own risk. It wasn't worth it -- $200 to replace the window plus $150 for the TomTom.

Next time I'll eat at the Classic Cafe instead!

The guy in Kingwood would replaced my window said they get a lot of calls for broken windows - people stealing laptops, purses, GPS's, etc.

As soon as possible, I am getting my own security film installed on my car. They will stop the next creep who tries to break in the car...

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