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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Potential of Nuclear Attack in 5 years - New Dawn, New Strategy Needed

President-Elect Obama has released a statement that there will be a "new dawn" in foreign policy. It will take a new dawn to solve the huge global issues facing us today. The bipartisan commission believes that a nuclear terrorist attack is possible within the next five (5) years.

He and Secretary of State-designate Clinton desire to engage the world, including places like Iran. We need to engage on a multiple level, not just with force of arms. It's the only way it will work.

I saw Former Assistant Secretary of State James Rubin on "Morning Joe" this morning. If you can, watch the clip - it's brilliant. He clearly and concisely summed up the situation and strategy needed for success.

As he said, Pakistan is the key to resolving the pending crisis between two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. Pakistan's government probably didn't know that this group was going to do what they did, but someone in Pakistan did and the government hasn't been controlling these groups that live on the Pakistan side of the Kashmir area.

Mr. Rubin confirmed what I had thought, and blogged, earlier - that the Mumbai terrorist attack sprang from the Kashmir issue. But he goes on to point out that Al Qaeda are also hanging out in the same remote Pakistan-India-Kashmir-Afghanistan area. There could be alliances and weapon trading going on between these different groups.

With Pakistan's nuclear technology, we really need the Pakistani government cleaning out these groups of rogue elements who use Pakistan's remote lands as a pirate's lair and a safe haven where they can plot attacks against places like Mumbai, killing Indians (Hindu and Muslim), Jews, 22 foreigners and 6 Americans. They will need help from us to do it. Pakistan's new democracy is very fragile. They will need to work with India, which has a long history of democracy, too.

Until the Pakistan government, which is weak, takes serious action to eliminate this Pakistan-based terrorist safe haven, potential threats to our own security will continue to increase -- as more attacks are planned there.

Our "new dawn" will take an American strategic REGIONAL diplomatic/military approach working with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan's governments on these border terrorist sanctuaries. We can't do it with armies alone. Success will require funding the building schools and roads and create jobs in these areas to eliminate the isolation and ignorance that makes these safe havens for international criminals possible.

Why? The report mentioned above is that there is a potential of a nuclear terror attack on the U.S. in the next five (5) years. If it comes, it will come from a plot hatched in this Pakistan 'no man's land' unless changes are made with our help.

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