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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Windy February ClearLakeTX

Winds have been blowing fiercely the past few days here on the Texas coast. I shot a few seconds clip of it.

This is nothing. Just wait until we have another hurricane - an annual, unavoidable event. What if the next one is a CAT 3 instead of the CAT 2 IKE?

At least the swinging plants don't worry me. There is Armor Glass security/energy saving film on my windows. I see freak weather is also happening in the Midwest - tornadoes. With Armor Glass security film, I'm ready for those too. During IKE, I didn't worry about Piper the bird behind it on the 3rd floor, on concrete pillars, next to the shore of Clear Lake. I knew it would prevent a breach of the glass that would subject her to hurricane-force winds, flying glass, rain, etc.

Are you ready?

Very few are...

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