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Friday, May 08, 2009

No More Plywood

I've been traveling and not keeping up with this. Business is exploding. Yesterday I went to do one measurement at one house in Kemah - and ended up doing three when two neighbors also wanted a quote. I had to postpone a Pasadena appointment as a result.

A couple of the homeowners told me that they were sick of fooling around with plywood. It was HEAVY and a hassle to install even on the ground floor (not to mention the 2nd floor).

One lady pointed out that the plywood stacked up on their garage wasn't any help when the freak storm and a tornado rolled through our area a week ago Saturday. She's right.

They wanted something that would (1) provide both relief from solar heat, (2) be affordable and (3) provide 24/7 security from future storms.

Security window film is catching on - I sat in on one project for 60,000 sq. ft. of it to protect a Houston icon. Right now we are working through a dozen buildings that are getting both solar and security film rolled into one.

It's great to be in a green business that also provides security. While I still get flyers on seminars on how to survive in this market, it seems surreal. Our sales are up over 100% from last year!

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