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Monday, November 09, 2009

IDA - One of only 4 November Hurricanes

Here's IDA - only the 4th hurricane to form in November in our history.

IDA's formation this late in the year, after a quiet Atlantic season, is not a good sign, considering the destruction big storms can cause, as we found out in IKE last year.

If climate change is changing the game, it could be that we end up extending our hurricane season. Right now it starts June 1 and ends November 1. IDA will hit on November 10.

It may be just a 90 mile an hour rainmaker, but it should be a warning that storms are developing faster and later - and our buildings are not built to "Shelter in Place" from wind-borne debris.

The 2004 "Project Safe Windows" found that once a high-wind event causes debris to breach a window, it is "game over" for the roof and structural integrity of the building...

We may have to change our hurricane season another month or so if this strange event becomes more common in the years ahead.

IDA already shows that the hotter planet is spinning off heat (via hurricanes, typhoon and cyclones worldwide) that are larger and lasting much later in the year. Wind changes are delaying Artic ice.

People are still rebuilding after IKE..


DHW said...


I was scrolling through blogs when I saw yours, the "hurricanes" catching my eye. I did want to mention in response to this post that contrary to the spin from the UN etc. the planet has actually been cooling for the last 10 years, or at the very least not getting any warmer. For a reputable website about the true state of climate science, I recommmend
It's a big hobbyhorse of mine, but I don't like people getting sucked into politicized climate propaganda. Believe me, I live in Canada and I'd love for it to be getting warmer but it's just not happening.

Texas Viking said...

Actually that "cooling" information is another urban legend --haven't you seen the huge iceberg melts that are opening up the arctic and antarctic?

The rate of warming is increasing. When we lose the polar ice caps we lose our planet's refrigerator, and then we'll really cook.

Anonymous said...

My name is Ida Gomez born in American Falls Idaho On November the 4th 1966... As you can see Tropical storm Ida developed on my birthday and named after me I just wanted to mention what an amazing story i have to tell my kids kids=)