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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Climate Change, Health Care -- and Why Americans Aren't Liked a Lot Overseas

Just when it looked as though both climate change and health care change would not happen, it did. Neither are perfect agreements but nothing is. But it was worth doing something versus nothing on both issues.

The same people who fought the passage of social security and Medicare are the same people fighting health care reform and reducing our emissions to limit climate change damage. The same people are defending the right of insurance companies to drop you for a preexisting condition.

If people are wrong that our 1 trillion/year in emissions is not melting the ice that keeps us from becoming Venus (which boils all the time), then their grandchildren and their children face a dead planet. A dying planet would certainly be bad for business! So what's wrong with reducing our emissions? Isn't the conservative approach the one designed to keep us from getting into trouble before its too late to head off disaster?

On health care, the non-partisan GAO - General Accounting Office -- says that the Senate's version of the health care plan would SAVE us billions the first decade -- and would SAVE us $1 trillion in the second decade. What's wrong with that? It it would allow people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance. What's wrong with that?

These are not perfect bills, but action is better than a broken status quo.

Some people are objecting our contributing to help poor countries affected by climate change. I just got off a cruise where I watched people shop and eat -- but paid little or not attention to the people in each country.

If you want to know why Americans are not liked as much as they have been it is because a lot of us don't really give a damn about other people. So, guess what? If you don't treat people with respect, don't expect the world to give a crap about us either.

I found the locals in Jamaica, Caymans and Cozumel to be intelligent, interesting people. It was a chance to see a rum plantation and the twisty Jamaica highways, a coral reef from a submarine in the clear Cayman waters, and to zip along over the trees in Cozumel - and live to tell about it.

Check out the world Americans. Our future depends on our having more knowledge than how to eat and tourist our way across the planet.


Frank said...

Okay, so show me exactly where in the Constitution Social Security, Medicare and health care is a right? They aren't and so our elected officials who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution are not doing their jobs. They should all be hanged as the traitors they are. As for global warming? Show me the numbers. As a scientist I disagree that man has any affect on the environment.

Texas Viking said...

"Hanged as traitors"? You are beyond nuts. Does that include the former President Bush - who did not question social security, etc.? Go ahead, ignore our 1 trillion tons/year of emissions. P.S. If the FBI doesn't have a file a file on you, they should...