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Monday, January 03, 2011

4 year old Insight -Kids can say the darnest things

Kids can say the darnest things, as Art Linkletter used to say. And I think that's true before they get to be teenagers lost in the world of IPhones, etc.

My favorites are the 4 -7 year olds I've been around lately. They have an intelligence, and curiosity and desire to communicate that teens don't since the latter are trying to assert their independence (like the horror of being seen in a restaurant with mom and dad).

Last night I was at a dinner which included 3 grandchildren - all girls from 1 year, 4 years and 5. I was talking to their grandmother about how they seemed to get through holidays without any family drama and that they could be a role model for families.

At that point the 4 year old said: "That's lame" in a soft little voice. I had to stop and laugh. She is so funny, and bright!

She was also the one who dropped the bomb in a very casual way when she said: "We are going to live in a high rise with mom and in the house with dad." Wow. Pretty calm reaction to a split.

Linkletter was right, kids say the darnest things. And they have great insight. I'm thinking we could use more of them in Congress in the days ahead, when adults deal in fantasy and kids tell the truth, even when it's lame...

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