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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Climate Change Just Hit Our FOOD Basket

I just talked to my mother who is in her 80's and just had a back operation-- she makes more sense than members in our Congress.

She lives in Iowa - the incessant rains kept the farmers from planting this year - so expect a BIG FOOD PRICE Spike coming up.  Farmers who invested in new land will have a hard time paying for it. Not all had crop insurance and even those with it won't have the cash for next year's seed and planting expenses.

Meanwhile it is triple digit madness in the Southwest - 128 degrees~! And people don't "get it" that something is terribly WRONG with OUR WEATHER?

Mom said it: "They just aren't thinking of their kids. They are the ones who will pay the price" for not acting to cut our emissions that are overheating our crops and reducing food yields, to mention only two significant problems global warming is causing TODAY.

It's not tomorrow's problem any more..If an 80 year old can see it and I can see it then why can't our elected officials see it - if they followed the advice of 97% of scientists who say its real and we are the cause.

Did you have another planet to move to if your theory about it being a "hoax" is wrong? Blowing off 97% of the scientists who specialize in climate science versus the average dude with zero science skills is not the actions of intelligent beings.

It's pretty stupid to condemn the future of your own kids because you are too fucking stupid to listen to experts who are in agreement!  Rising waters, bigger storms, more droughts and less food security is their future unless our Congress - and the world - ACTS.

That includes China and India, the other two key emitters. It's their planet too, and their childrens' future that is in the same small planet surrounded by light years of empty space. We have no where else to go to if we destroy our blue planet.  Humans do have the ability to make the changes needed to avoid human planetary suicide!

I describe the status of the USA, China and India --along with Solutions -- in the final chapter of "Better Times Ahead April Fool" in the Chapter entitled "Agenda for American Greatness."

Independence Day week is a good time to read it. It includes over 100 photos I took showing China 30 years ago versus today - and India. And South Africa and Mr. Mandela. And Syria. And Egypt --all in the news today. How do Americans win the 21st Century which is posed to be an Asian century lead by China?
It's in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" ...

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