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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Gov. Abbott Just Created a Potential Oklahoma City Act of Terrorism

3 May 215

Governor Abbott’s Jade Helm Statement

Just Created a Potential Oklahoma City Act of Terrorism

Governor Greg Abbott just did the equivalent of falsely shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater, creating mass panic that can get people trampled to death. He lit the fuse to potential violence that could result in Texas experiencing what happened to Oklahoma City in 1995 by legitimizing the crazy idea that our own military is coming to Texas to fight Texans. Texas is a military state. Troops have been coming here for decades to train and never before has anything this absurd been claimed – or believed -- by those who apparently don’t get out of town often. 

As one of the few who is a documented terrorism analyst (who predicted 911 on TV), it is clear to me that  Governor Abbott has created a dangerous situation that could drive the most extreme people over the edge when he gave lunatic thinking his stamp of authority. This encouragement could lead to our own domestic misfits into acting out terrorist acts. What if someone starts shooting at our troops? What if one of the unhinged takes the Governor at his word and decides to copy Tim McVeigh’s Oklahoma “protest” act of blowing up a building? The ingredients are readily available. Instead of tamping on the fuse, the Governor tossed some gasoline on it.

Despite what people think, today’s biggest threat to Americans comes from potential domestic terrorists, not foreign ones. Why? Because the domestic ones already live here! Unlike an isolated ISIS member attempting to cross the border, the domestic ideologues are far more numerous and armed to the teeth including military grade weapons.  We saw this play before when a disgruntled Tim McVeigh loaded a Ryder truck with explosives and blew up the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 including children in a day care center.  We have seen this play as people have jumped the White House fence and made an historic number of threats against America’s first black president. A Governor’s words carry weight; they can make a bad situation worse.

                                  Texas Militia on the border with military weapons
Despite what the unproven claims, ISIS is nowhere near Texas (or Mexico) but is focused on building a caliphate halfway across the planet in places called Syria and Iraq.  Governor Abbott’s statement on Jade Helm 15 encouraged those who get their exclusive news from people like alarmist Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh to take action against our own troops who have been in places like Iraq and Afghanistan but come from places like Lubbock and Kansas City.  This is not an American civil war. No one is taking away guns. Walmarts are still safe outlets for cheap Chinese goods and low wages.

It’s one thing for a Governor not to be able to remember the three things he wants to abolish as president and talk about secession. It’s totally another for a sitting Governor to allow our most extreme people to think their paranoia is valid and that they should act as if invaded. It invites another Oklahoma City incident. It invites someone shooting at our own troops on a training mission. It invites disaster.

It creates fear instead of understanding and facts. What Gov. Abbott did violates his oath to protect the Constitution and the public. The Governor should immediately retract his remarks and be more like a common sense leader we need instead of giving the stamp of approval to wingnut theories.

Michael Fjetland
Author "Better Times Ahead April Fool"
President, Armor Glass Int'l Inc.


Anonymous said...

This kind of behavior by an elected official is very dangerous. I personnally think it is an impeachable offense.

Romantic Heretic said...

Nicely said.

The revolutionaries (I refuse to call them conservatives as they do not intend to conserve anything) are just waiting to restart the Civil War. Gov. Abbott is giving them permission.

Sad to see a great country commit suicide.

Michael Fjetland said...

It is reckless disregard of public safety