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Monday, June 15, 2015

T.S. "BILL" is Coming - Don't DROWN in HIGH Water - "Float" Around! (No Turn Around!)

Wouldn't you know it. Tomorrow -- when the forecast is for "submarine cars" in Houston -- I need to make a run for the crew who need supplies for jobs going on this week. 

That means dealing with I - 45, probably the worst of America's highways for congestion.  Today, news said that I - 10 our primary east-west American trade corridor, had been shut down both directions due to an overturned 18 -wheeler. Imagine what it will be like when we DOUBLE in size next few years?

This morning a waitress at I- Hop and I talked about the weather and she reminded me of the AMPHIBIOUS CAR that they made back in the 50's. It must be a one-of-a-kind, like the Bond cars. However, getting it or one like it sounded VERY TEMPTING. We may have to start mass producing them as the rain extremes overwhelm our flat-as-a-dinner-dish Houston gulf coast! I am still tempted to open a side business that bolts pontoons to cars, to keep people from drowning in high water as their car sinks.

In the meantime: "Stay OUT of high water!" (Why? Because it might get the munchies and eat you). k, not my best pun, but we aren't done yet.  If you didn't catch that then obviously you must have just arrived from planet clueless. lol. 

P.S.  Ok, I am DONE looking at political memes on Facebook. It's the same-ole same-ole "I think your opinion sucks" and that is not something I will waste time doing all day. I'd rather drink wine and fly airplanes while my guys armor peoples houses of straw that they live in - as the winds howl and the bad guys prowl....

Folks, it is WAY too early for me to get into ANY debate over ANY candidate for 2016. Surviving '15's raging weather is quite enough for me at the moment...Now, about that FLYING CAR this Viking needs to get around Houston. Let's work on that!

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