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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

TIme for a Texas Viking Attack on Texas Leaders Killing of Our Future

I am resurrecting my "Texas Viking" blog because I have been watching "Heroes of Telemark" and thinking its time for the Vikings in Texas to kick ass for our future in Austin when we have legislators question the value of pre-K and a Governor claiming to be "Pro Life" who denies Medicaid coverage for millions of poor Texans while allowing a man be executed for a murder when he was the one who pulled the trigger...

I hear that Rick Perry, our former Governor with the brain of a goldfish (oops) could beat Sen. ("Shut Down the Government over people getting healthcare" Ted Cruz in 2018.  That is the choice between poison and being shot. Neither man has a clue what America and Texas needs to win the 21st century.

I hope that one of the Castro brothers takes on this race in 2018 so I don't have to think like a VIKING and want to go bash the morons with a sword into embracing our future from providing pre-K education to ramping up our solar and wind energy resources. It's time we built an "IKE DIKE" to provide protection for our nation's major fuel processing source (or risk gas doubling to $7 overnight due to a hurricane wiping it out). It's time we engaged in major infrastructure upgrades long overdue because the same turd brains running our legislature in Austin is also busy doing nothing in Washington DC - even as ZIKA and other major issues face us. The GOP answer? Go on VACATION!

Time to wipe out the dinosaur Neanderthals running today's Nazi Republican party in Texas and nationally. It's time to vote for Democrats on the ticket - from dog catcher to President, to get people who really DO CARE about LITTLE people, because that's who WE ARE.

Pass it on my fellow citizens who really are pro life because we are the Americans who want all people treated with respect, equally, regardless of race or sex or orientation. We are the Democratic party and America's best bet for a bright future, versus global racist extremist with a bad temper on the nuke button.

My story in "Better Times Ahead April Fool"

Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD

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Stephanie Barr said...

Not a Viking but I'm with you on painting the state blue. It's way overdue and it would be nice not to have to be embarrassed on a DAILY BASIS for the stupid statements, positions and antics of our political representatives over and above the real honest-to-God damage they do us.