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Monday, June 13, 2005

Fliers in Bad Taste

I was at a Randall's today and was surprised to find out from a group of men that someone put fliers on people's cars at Williams Trace Baptist church in Sugar Land, listing all the things they didn't like about Tom DeLay. They jokingly commented that I might support such a thing.

I don't.

Leaving political fliers on church property is in bad taste and I do not support that kind of campaigning.

Yes, I disagree with Mr. DeLay's actions on many things but that doesn't mean you paper people's cars at their house of worship. If you want to do that, rent a billboard or mail something.

Another gentleman said he got one of these fliers at another location as well. Whoever is doing this, stop. It is not helping your cause.

I favor talking about real policies instead of resorting to name calling and negative ads...

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