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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Supreme Court issues an Eminent Domain Tsunami - Now What?

I have to agree with the letters to the editor in today's Houston Chronicle who said: "

"The Supreme Court ruling about the legality of governments' using the power of eminent domain to take private property for private development is a scary development."

Another writer said:

"NOT since 9/11 has "liberty" been so openly attacked as seen this week when the Supreme Court justices perverted the definition of "public use"— a term that was important to the Framers of our democracy — for the benefit of corrupt developers and politicians."

I can only agree with the local citizens who wrote letters to the Chronicle. Emminent Domain was supposed to be the taking of private property for PUBLIC use - NOT private.

When will your house be taken for a hotel or golf course owned by someone making big donations to local politicians? Where does this end?

Our rights are being eroded by both Congress and even the Supreme Court! We need to fight to get them back before it is too late. The Supreme Court ruling was 5-4. It DOES matter who is the next replacement on the court.

I want someone with Constitutional common sense...

P.S> Today is the six month anniversary of the Tsunami that killed over a quarter million people. Note that the American image in Indonesia is a high 79% (unlike many other countries) --because we helped with aid.

America can win, when we do the right things in the right way...Trade and aid are more powerful than weapons in winning over people. More on that another day...

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