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Friday, May 25, 2007

Congress: Act on Bad Food Imports

News reports that even imported toothpaste has been adulterated and contaminated. Why? Because its the Wild West on imports without standards. The FDA only inspects 1% of the imports. There isn't funding to inspect more. Solution?

There is a bill before Congress to mandate countries certify there food is safe before importing it to the U.S. Americans should insist it become law. Otherwise, the pet food and toothpaste you are buying could kill your pet, injure your child or make you sick (or worse).

Regarding the debate between Guiliani and Ron Paul on what caused 9 11 - neither got it right. Bin laden was quoted as saying he was incensed that American troops were in Saudi during the first Gulf War (when we liberated Kuwait from Saddam's takeover). THAT led to 9 11, a bin laden act. So neither gentlemen got it exactly right - they need to if they are to be President. We need one who actually KNOWS what the heck is going on in the world outside the U.S. (if they are going to make intelligent decisions on global policy).

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