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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

On the Hurricane Front line

I moved to the Texas coast just in time to get the new report predicting an "active" hurricane season for 2007 (photo is a view from one of my balconies). So this year I'll be reporting from the "hurricane front line."

I found little concern in Ft Bend about hurricane protection when I talked about it. I expect that to be different here in the Clear Lake area -- all its residents are also on the front line should another Katrina enter the Gulf this summer.

So I will be focusing on getting out the word about XO Armor, the super window film that could keep flying debris from breaching your house or office, turning your glass into flying shards.

Standby for future reports from the domestic front line...where over 35 million Americans now live--on the eastern and southern U.S. coastline.

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