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Monday, June 02, 2008

Only Way to Buy a Car

My Van went to the car doctor one time too many last week - the 4th visit in a month -- so I had to shop for a car. I discovered how much better it is with the Internet. Instead of wandering HOT through car lots, I did an Internet search and was able to spot the best car with the lowest mileage for the price - something impossible to do the old way.

I ended up at Carmax - and was impressed. There system is all computerized --no paper until the title stuff is printed at the end. They took my name and address and soon they had banks making offers so I could pick the lowest interest rate offered.

A few hours later, I drove out with a loaded 2005 Montana with only 28,000 miles on it - without paying a dime. My old van was enough for the down payment and the payments are only $285 - my last repair bill was that much! Amazing.

I took it by my trusted 20-year mechanic at the Swiss Garage and Mike said it was in great shape. And it gets a little better mileage than the van, has a DVD player and an audio warning when I get close to something when backing up. Wow, what a painless upgrade.

I highly recommend trying Carmax. It worked for me. I will need a reliable car as hurricane season gets underway. My Armor Glass International business is really on the upswing - people need the protection and this could be the year we get hit again.


CarMaxChris said...

My name is Chris and I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office. Google Alerts notified me of your blog posting mentioning us. I love to read blogs from happy customers! I’m glad you had a great experience at one of our stores. I hope your readers go visit a CarMax store or, too!

Texas Viking said...

Finding a car is a confusing, tough job to avoid being screwed. My experience with CARMAX was a positive experience. It was efficient, wasted no paper, and they even take off your license plates from the trade-in to avoid problems like people driving your old car through the EZ tag with no tag. The automated bank application process was also clever, and worked. I just report the facts. Now if only my loan docs would show up! LOL