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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

T Storms

Rolling thunder woke me at 5 a.m. - a huge lightning show was going on over the lake. I took some video and some photos - might get a chance to post it later, if i can get myself moving more than 5 mph.

I've been FLAT for the last two days - either it was a bug or I just was out of gas. That means I will have one speed for today - SLOW.

Forecast is for rain showers 50-50 for the next couple days. I'll have to get out in it anyway for meetings.

I've been really mad at what Mugabe is doing in Zimbabwe - even after his opponent withdrew from the Presidential race his people have been killing and beating people. And nothing is done. Why should it always take OIL to get our attention?

I believe that the situation in Africa is a unique area that a President Obama COULD address, but not a white President. It needs to be addressed. Democracy is being murdered by people who are paying no price for their inhuman conduct. How can people watch and doing nothing about it is beyond me...

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