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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Deer and Kangaroos Jumping Through Windows

I just saw a story on BBC news about a couple of deer jumping through a window and running through a store in the UK. Last week I saw a BBC story on a kangaroo that jumped through a homeowner's window - and they had a major wrestling match to get him out.

In both cases it occurred to me that our security window film would have prevented the deer and kangaroo from breaking in, as it would have kept the crazy lady from jumping through the couple's window in Houston at 2 a.m. one night.

And it would keep out 99% of the UV killing grandma's picture and cut energy bills. It keeps reminding me how valuable our technology is to people's security.

Imagine your high-rise office suddenly being sucked into a black maelstrom during a future hurricane, and your computer hits someone on the head. You lose your data. They get injured. You are in serious do-do.

It turns out that the windows were just sucked out of buildings. Our bonding and film connects to the frame so that even if the window is broken by flying debris, it does NOT blow out and there is no breach. The film keeps you safe and dry instead of wet and/or dead. Had people been in those Chase tower offices when the windows blew out during IKE, THEY would have been sucked out along with their desks and files. Imagine being pulled into a free fall on a one-way ticket during the next storm. That is what office folks in high rises face unless and until our film is installed.

We were hired by a county today to do all their buildings.

An engineer with a name-brand oil company made the same decision today. I had never been so grilled on specifications on any deal to date. Well, after seeing all the choices, he picked us. Everything else was more expensive.

We just did a Sugar Land house for an international executive who moved from the Midwest before IKE--and rode it out wondering if his huge windows would fail. When we finished the job, his wife told me something I had never thought about. She was worried about mosquitoes coming through the broken windows after a storm--and she is allergic to them. Her fear is now gone. They can either shelter in place or leave and not worry about broken windows and water damage.

Hurricane season starts June 1. We can't repeal the law of geography. We will be as close to the coast this year as we were last year. For those who still scoff at climate change, read this. Hurricanes are mother nature's way of throwing off heat from the equator to the poles.

As it gets hotter, the storms get bigger or more frequent or both. That means that riding out future CAT 3-5 storms without window-breach protection is suicide. It is not wise, or smart. Plywood is so old century and sucks. Go to Home Depot and pick 1 sheet up. Only 1. HEAVY. Imagine trying to lug it up a ladder in high winds. Take it down and repeat for the next storm that either hits or misses. Dumb. Our tech works 24/7. Put it on and live your life and forget it--until it saves your butt in a future storm or keeps out a burglar.

Security is No. 1. Most people are not prepared. Do it before a Kangaroo jumps through your window...or another Hurricane blows in.

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