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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Texas Lags in Key Technology

I'm in Corpus Christi, where I just gave a talk on solar security window film as a replacement for shutters.

I am finding that Texas lags Florida in this vital protective technology. Even in Corpus, few of the people that I talked to knew of this technology and its many-faceted benefits, from UV protection 24/7 to Hurricanes and Energy Savings.

I was one of the speakers at their Green show at the Ortiz Convention Center. Very impressive facility. It seems to be something old made better into something new. As I walked in, a ship sailed past the parking lot, so close it seemed you could touch it on the way by. Very relaxed and friendly environment.

On the local morning news, I saw a program how Corpus news thinks McAllen is the city that REALLY has it together- with leadership that has a consensus, a time line, and people responsible. Very interesting to see how other folks view other folks.

Despite Florida having a lot of knowledge about security window film replacing shutters and impact glass, few in Texas that I have talked to have been aware of it before I came along -- and I have now talked to many a Mayor, Judge, etc. I am beginning to feel like the Pied Piper of Security Window Film. It's all about taking knowledge and applying it to protect people.

The thing that keeps coming up, on top of security from storms, is the HEAT coming through windows . So more and more the choice is SOLAR and SECURITY film combined. It makes sense when you live on a hot coast for sure. Cutting 70% of the solar heat means the power bill goes down.

I am doing a Green Show, a Homeland Security Show and a Hurricane Show - that is how cool this technology is --it fits so many categories and at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives who don't do anything like it.

It's dry here in Corpus- it was BROWN the entire way. I saw no wild flowers whatsoever. They need RAIN here.

There here are a "million" families with kids here --lucky me. I hit spring break mayhem.

It seemed half of them were loudly and happily sounding off on their spring break into the early morning hours below my balcony. Fun kid noises. Yep. I stumbled into a spring breakathon. It was ok. Kind of funny really. The biggest pain was the 45 minutes it took to get checked in. All of us stood in a none-moving line as swarms of T Shirts streamed by, proclaiming "We Don't Just Bring It, We Lift it" and other causes that seem like a blur now. You just have to chill out and laugh when it happens.

The aircraft carrier (Lexington?) is berthed nearby. I can see fighters on its deck from our parking garage. I would love to see it but to do it right takes hours, and time is short. It is an incredible sight to see from the nearby hotels.

Tomorrow I am off to San Antonio and Homeland Security. Not only save energy, but save your butt from an explosion. It is our film that is on the Department of Energy in DC.

Hurricane season starts again June 1.

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