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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Rotary's Books to Zimbabwe's Libarary - Updating 40 year old books

Did you know that the latest editions of books in the Zimbabwe library are dated 1968?

Saturday morning I helped fellow Rotarians and some Community Service volunteers pack 10 pallets of donated school books in Seabrook which will be shipped from Houston to southern Africa, including Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe librarian told Rotarians at the international convention held recently in England that the latest books they have are dated 1968 – the book covers are held together by tape! Imagine that – 40 year old books!

So if you are tempted to feel sorry for yourself for any reason, remember how it is for others less fortunate in the world. Rotary’s “Books for the World” is a green project: Recycling textbooks from our schools that no longer need them to those who don’t have them. Check out the project at:

Why not donate some books while you are at it? They even like reading our fiction. I found one we packed today entitled: “Jobs for the 21st Century.” That should come in handy. Everyone needs to read that one. LOL.

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