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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taiwan Says Climate Change Bigger Threat Than China

Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou told a news conference that climate change was a bigger threat to its future than mainland China. Think about that statement for a second.

Taiwan's President spoke after Typhoon (which we call a Hurricane) Morakot killed as many as 500 people. Taiwan's military will now be focused on being a first responder instead of focused on China.

Think about it. Climate change and stronger hurricanes/Typhoons caused by planetary warming is a bigger threat to the leadership of place like Taiwan than than a war!

It was reported today that water temps were as high as 86 degrees near the U.S. Hot water like that is gasoline for hurricanes. The same applies to tornadoes. Today Colorado got huge hail stones -- which broke windows all over Austin during a hail storm a month or so ago. Weather is becoming a bigger threat than a potential nuclear exchange.

Even the U.S. military has raised the alarm on how climate change increases global INsecurity - making it more dangerous as it causes food and water shortages along with more violent weather, droughts, etc.

We need to take actions that will both defend from, and reduce, this threat, immediately. Unless you happen to have ready access to another planet you plan to move to when this one is no longer habitable due to climate heating on the scale of Venus?

One solution that would make a difference -- white roofs. Converting roofs to white would cut enough emissions which would be the same as cutting all human emissions for a full year -- just by changing the color of our roofs.

Imagine how we can advance by using smart methods to keep humans in charge of a sustainable, healthy planet -- the only one like it in light years around us.

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