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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Serendipity is defined by wikipedia as "the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated." I was looking to finish a job and we ended up doing something else.

Today was the last day on our job at Double Bayou. Last week we discovered 4 abandoned cats, three young black cats and a little gray kitty. When we got back Monday we found that the gray kitty had died over the weekend. I wished I had taken him to the vet when we first found him and the others. So, I decided not to wait.

Today I went out with a cat carrier I bought at Petco and some cat food, not knowing if I would find the surviving small cats alive. Of the three surviving cats, one was missing on Monday.

When I pulled up today to the remote Double Bayou building, I saw nothing but my crew working. Then two hungry cats came up and they went for the food I put in the cage. Then my crew said that there was a third black cat, the missing one. I looked and around the corner he came. I wondered if he'd run off. But he let me pick him up and I put him in the carrier with a can of fish, to go with the can of chicken the other two had shared.

I expected to bring them to Houston for adoption, and that it would take a lot to find a good home for the. But we stopped for lunch at "Panther Tracks" in Anahuac, and told them about the cats. The waitress said "Don't tell the cook, she loves animals." Well, long story short, the cook needed cats to catch the mice eating the grain in her barn, so she took them. That was a good day. So if you get to Anahuac, I recommend you stop at "Panther Tracks" (two blocks from city hall and the dock).

Yeah, a lot of other good things happened today, but saving those three little black kitties was the best thing that happened to me on this St. Michael's Day.

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