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Friday, October 02, 2009

City of Seabrook: Jail Population - 1

My crew is doing the Seabrook City Hall, which also happens to be the same location for the police department and jail.

When we did the initial inspection of windows, I was told that the jail had exactly one detainee. Yep. One person locked up in the slammer. Obviously, Seabrook is a community gone mad with crime.

City hall is a quaint two story building that was soaked with about 2 feet of water from Hurricane IKE. We are storm-hardening it by applying hurricane window film that also has solar control to cut the heat by 50% - and protect the occupants from everything from an explosion to hurricane-force winds.

We just finished hardening 10 buildings for Chambers County, which took the brunt of Hurricane IKE. As a result their power bills are also on the decline since our film cut 70% of the solar heat entering their windows while providing breach security.

I just moved into a new apartment facing Clear Lake -- and found that the sun really heats it up, especially some unprotected windows facing South. I held up my BTU meter and took the photo above showing a 212 reading! That is like a stove element. The window has eight panes so on a couple of them I hung up three different films that reject from 50 to 70% of that heat -- to see how they look side by side, both during the day and at night. The results were interesting - they cut the glare and dropped the BTU heat readings bigtime.


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luxtor said...

A large chemical plant explosion near Seabrook early this morning sent a gigantic plume of smoke billowing into the air, but there were no serious injuries more information: