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Monday, March 01, 2010

Go VOTE March 2 - Or Don't Complain For Wasting Your Citizenship Right

Got to go to Dallas today - RAIN all the way. Coming back to do a last minute Vote Tuesday before the polls close at 7 March 2.

To all those who have been complaining, go VOTE so you are entitled to complain (and suggest solutions). If you don't vote you wasted your citizenship right, so don't waste our time with your opinions!

Preferably, voting is for the best candidate. Sometimes it is for the least worst! Either way, it's better than doing nothing about who gets into office and expecting things to improve.

As the six retiring Congressmen (both Republican and Democrat) said in a CNN interview I saw over the weekend, our primaries favor the more extreme candidate instead of the more moderate, common sense one (like all of them). Try to change that if you want a better government system.

The likelihood of both extremes working together to solve our problems is pretty low.

So try to pick someone who isn't so nuts they can't talk to regular people on the other side in Congress for the purpose of getting real things done instead of the political volleyball blame game that never seems to end.

The world is moving on past us while we remain self obsessed and oblivious to what is going on beyond our country/state/county.

That's not a recipe for success in the 21st global-techno century where China is building Mag Levs while we were building paper empires of credit default swaps and borrowed billions to give tax cuts to the top 5%, concentrating wealth on pyramid paper empires to the point where our economy collapsed and took down a lot of other countries with it.

Go vote...Our future depends on it.


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