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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Unique Day Even on Clear Lake - Revealing What Lies Below

Today the lake was showing something seldom seen. It seems the same is happening in Washington DC.

This day could go down in history as one of those pivotal moments - like the passage of social security certainly was in the 1930's when millions reached old age with nothing, and Medicare in the 1960's, when seniors faced old age with no medical care.

It was also unique on Clear Lake today - strong winds from the west peeled back several feet of lake bottom that normally is covered. It was fascinating to see what was lurking there just five feet below, the potential hazards.

In the same way, this year-long conversation on health care has also revealed a lot of hidden hazards below the water - people losing their insurance because they were sick, or denied because they had prior health issues - so they had no coverage. Either they went bankrupt, paid out of pocket or were denied medical treatment. Neither of those choices seems to me to be very American, or humane, or even civilized for a great country to treat its own people.

But the sight of those 'tea party' people standing in our capitol and screaming the "N word" and spitting on black and gay Members of Congress yesterday was disgusting. It tells me that they are racists that don't represent true American values. Tea Party people are MAD that people won't be denied insurance anymore? What kind of value is that?

Today, where water once was, is beachfront - revealing what has been hiding below: a discarded scooter, some tires, a lawn chair --JUNK we need to get rid of before someone steps on them --like a cancellation of your insurance after you get sick.

Let's face some reality and facts. Our American people have an obesity problem. We have an obesity epidemic. We have too many people who are walking heart attacks from too many high-fat meals. They are high health risks who any insurance company in their right mind would want to drop if they could.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to keep a system that lets insurance companies do that to people? Congressional reps don't get denied insurance or dropped (insurance companies aren't stupid), but ordinary citizens? They get dropped or denied every day.

Tomorrow, the water will probably cover the hidden hazards on Clear Lake. Let's hope that in terms of healthcare, we have eliminated some for Americans.

Keeping the status quo only guarantees we stay at No. 37 in the world in healthcare.

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