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Friday, May 21, 2010

GOP to Mex Prez - It's OK for Gun Dealers to Sell Assault Weapons to Drug Gangs

When Mexico President Calderon addressed a joint session of Congress yesterday, most GOP representatives blew him off -- and failed to attend the session to hear his words.

Then, when Calderson said that the drug lords were getting assault weapons from American gun dealers that had led to thousands of people killed, the GOP reps criticized him!

The message from the GOP is, apparently, that it is OK for American gun dealers to sell deadly assault weapons to drug lords - who have killed over 20,000 people in the last 3 years. 80% of the 75,000 weapons seized from gangs in the last 3 years have come from American gun dealers. Over 7,000 of them line the border from Texas to California.

Where is the Congressional outrage? It's illegal for Mexican citizens to own guns so our failure to control gun sales to drug gangs gives them even more power over innocents as well as the Mexican police.

This lack of respect by our Congress reps of our neighbor's President was uncalled for. Third graders act better than that. Siding with drug gangs on guns is even worse.

What kind of people are representing us in the GOP? (And this was before the New GOP Senate candidate basically said it should be OK for private individuals to discriminate - a major step backwards.)

To put it from a different perspective, how would Israel feel if our gun dealers were selling these weapons to the Palestinians?

And where is the NRA on this? Do they support selling assault weapons to drug gangs? The ban on these weapons was lifted in 2004. This is the result.

What kind of 'War on Drugs' is it if it is OK for dealers to sell no less than 75,000 weapons to criminals in a country where drug gang violence is out of control?

Yes, we need a change in Washington alright. We need less of people like TX Sen. John Cornyn and a party that thinks giving the finger to our neighbors is a solution. The fight against drug gangs will require joint cooperation - a raised middle finger and failure to keep our people from dealing in illegal weapons won't cut it.

Perhaps the GOP will wake up when these Mexican drug gangs use American-bought assault weapons on our border agents and citizens --which they already have!


Anonymous said...

Interesting, isn't it, that President Cabron and the liberals are more interested in solving illegal cross-border trafficking problems when that traffic is illegally headed south, but not when it is illegally headed north in violation of US law. When will you people start to give a rip about the USA?

the pistolero said...

Yeah, never mind the endemic corruption of the Mexican government at all levels , never mind the weaponry that goes to the cartels that's HIGHLY ILLEGAL in the United States without rigorous taxes and background checks, it's all the fault of those evil gun lobby bastards in the NRA and the Republican Party.

Mr. Moderate said...

You apparenty don't realize that the so called assault weapons you seem to despise are not the weapons that the cartels generally use. The cartels prefer fully automatic rifles that are extremely difficult to buy in the US without paying a tax, undergoing a background check, and paying a significant amount of money.

The problem isn't US firearms dealers, it's Mexico's inability to control its borders and the endemic corruption that allows container loads of military grade hardware to be unloaded in ports.

Anonymous said...

You need one more option box- "Idiotic."

Texas Viking said...

Anonymous, you are right - I should have left it for YOU! LOL. It's the only conclusion I can come to if you think selling assault weapons to drug lords is anything other than stupid, wrong and against our interests....

Darrin Jones aka DJ ( and Cheri...) said...

I agree with you Texas Viking. We put so much focus on all the killings in Mexico and make it out to be such a dangerous place. Well I have been there many times, even lately and it is still safer than many areas in the U.S. and we are responsible for having made the drug cartels as powerful as they are. If there weren't so many U.S. citizens discontented with their lives here that they have to turn to drug use to cope, this escalating violence would eventually fizzle out. As long as guns and ammo sold here are smuggled South of the Border and as long as Americans have an insatiable appetite for illicit drugs, the problem will only get worse. Innocent people are dying in the crossfire.

See how some right wingers have even used guns confiscated 150 miles South of the Border by Mexican Military Forces as false media reports of what our Border Patrol and I.C.E. Agents are catching Mexicans trying to smuggle into the U.S., it is laughable that anyone would fall for such nonsense but they do. There is even talk in Congress about Jihadists crossing the Border. Why would they do that when they can simply fly into JFK or LAX without a hassle?