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Friday, May 28, 2010

Heat is Popping Corks and People - Michael Berry's "Bombing" of Mosque

The Atlantic waters are the hottest on record and it hit 95 on my car outside temp gauge today. The heat was enough to pop the wine corks sitting in the trunk of my friend's car - as you can see in this photo and video.

Apparently that is not all that's popping off - Mr. Michael Berry apparently got mad about a Mosque being built near the World Trade Center in NY and called for it to "be bombed." That puts him in the same league with people who bomb buildings to make their point; people like Al Qaida. Since when is promoting violence an adult, acceptable thing for a talk show host? What's next. Promoting Murder?

Jerusalem hosts the Christian church, the Grand Mosque and Jewish Synagogue in the same place - and it hasn't caused the world to end. Muslims revere Jesus and Mary both (its in the Koran if you look it up).

America was founded on the principle that one religion would not rule all the others -- as it was like in the England when our founding fathers fled. Mr. Berry needs to do some traveling and get a grip on his brain.

Just like most Catholics are not IRA bombers (remembers the 70's?) and most white guys are not extremists like Tim McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, most Muslims are NOT terrorists, only the fringe like Al Qaida, the former IRA, or the Taliban make up that fringe.

We live side by side with them every day in Houston. You are probably buying gas, cigarettes and beer from them. Did they shoot you walking in or out of the store? No.

Get a grip folks. Americans need to travel and get some reality. Mr. Berry should have known better, having an Indian wife. He needs to go spend time in places like Pakistan (right next to India), Indonesia and talk to ordinary people -- instead of sounding like an extremist himself.

Actually, he should go to some of the Houston mosques and talk to the ordinary people there. I have. Even our Congressman have been in them. Mr. Berry will find that they are like any American - wanting respect, a chance to do their job and be left alone, and education for their kids. They want peace, not war. Get a grip folks!

We have enough nuts in the world without encouraging our own nut cases to go bomb a building. How does our violence make us better than 'them'?

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