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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Wild Week from Alex

Alex provided a wild week, with us dealing with rain while doing jobs. Yesterday I saw two major traffic back ups on I 45 as I went North. One car was sideways with its wheels up against the cement median and up against its top was an 18-wheeler. I didn't look good for whoever was in that car.

We did a job in Spring yesterday, which was on the receiving end of 5 inches of rain. It was a 2-hour compute to get home, with flooded access roads.

The day before the guys had to access a third story window with a 40 foot ladder in the rain (normally the film goes on the inside but these windows weren't accessible from the inside so we had no choice. Just as the rental ladder arrived, so did the rain gusher. It was hair raising but fortunately there was no lightning and no one fell 40 feet getting it done. I was soaked.

The calls keep rolling in for Armor Glass, so I bought a small Toshiba notebook computer today to take with me to process work in the field --the bigger Fujitsu laptop was so bulky and heavy to handle in my van. The Toshiba has a 13 inch screen but is light as a feather.

I looked at the Ipad first - but it doesn't have a printer hook up or enough memory to do what I needed to have done.

It was a wild week of rain due to Alex - even though it was 500 miles away.

Another busy week ahead...all the way to August and beyond.

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