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Friday, November 05, 2010

Conservative columnist Loren Steffy: "Healthcare Reform bill will SAVE $158 billion over the next 10 years" - Repeal that?

According to the conservative columnist Loren Steffy, the Healthcare Reform bill will SAVE $158 billion over the next 10 years.

You want to repeal something that cuts the deficit? duh.

You want to go back where insurance companies could drop you once you got sick? Or denied you for a pre existing condition? (Especially when our population is aging and has an obesity problem due to its fascinating with high fat food and salt (1/3 will get diabetes from being overweight in the next few years).

Let's improve the healthcare bill by allowing the feds to negotiate lower prices from the drug companies - that would save another $200 billion/year!...Negotiating for lower drug prices has been fought by the Republicans and the drug companies in the past --nor was it included in this healthcare reform bill.

It's time to change that so we can CUT our costs even more.

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