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Monday, November 08, 2010

Going to the edge of Mexico's Drug War Death Alley Today -

Growth equals GREEN JOBS folks. My green company keeps growing but it is also is taking me to dangerous territory --today I have to go to McAllen for a job near the Mexico border where drug gangs closed the international bridge with heavy gunfire during a gang brawl at one point last week.

While illegal immigration from Mexico has dropped dramatically under the Obama administration, our drug policy the last 40 years has failed and things have gotten worse despite the billions spent. Even after 8 years of Bush administration control over border issues and 10 years of the same Texas Governor (Perry), it has become more dangerous to be in Mexico -- or near the border. I once drove to Guadalajara in a car with a friend - but that was 1990. Just going to Juarez (across from El Paso), or Reynosa (across from McAllen) has gotten several Americans killed in recent days/weeks.

Only a change in strategy has the potential of turning this situation around. There are no jobs for young people in Mexico, other than being a police officer (and those are risky) or a drug mule for a gang. Their system has concentrated wealth to the point that a few people control all the money and the vast majority have nothing. For the bottom to feed their families, they have to chose a drug gang or illegally crossing our border to take jobs Americans won't do like cleaning Meg Whitman's house - none of them are running hedge funds.

And these billion dollar drug gangs are getting their heavy weapons from AMERICAN GUN DEALERS.

If I hear gunfire from across the border, it will be coming from American weapons killing innocent civilians and police. (I do have our GSA blast rated security film on my vehicle to foil a break in and avoid spraying glass from gun shots).

Remember prohibition in the 1930's and Al Capone and the gangs fighting for control of the illegal booze market? That was worth millions and was a local fight - now we have the global version of it that is giving crooks billions to buy even more powerful weapons.

With poverty so high in Mexico, killing one leader only leads to 100 more willing to take his place. It is a no win strategy. The money has even corrupted the police and federal military - who often do the killing for the gangs. They are now killing Mayors, Governors - not unlike Al Qaeda but without a religious purpose. It's all about CONTROL.

If I survive this trip, you can 'friend' me on Facebook, to see future updates.

In the meantime, I bet the gun dealers sleep very well despite knowing that their weapons are instrumental in the carnage. Our government has done little to nothing to stop the illegal weapons exports from the U.S. to Mexico in the last 10 years.

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series

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