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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dear Texas Legislature - How About Some Real Priorities?

Note: After a long hiatus, I am resurrecting Texas Viking blog to address Texas-only issues (the Global American Values blog will continue to address national/international issues and my Armor Glass blog will address business only issues.)

April 2015

Dear Texas Legislature:

Please address some real priorities while you are in session.  

Now that districts are gerrymandered to provide a one-party controlled state, not unlike Russia and China, we are seeing a disturbing trend that is ideological instead of focused on the citizens of this state.

(1) I have heard more about getting guns in schools then about investing in full day pre-K and funding schools properly.  

Texas business already has a hard time finding qualified people because of poor skills and education training. Having textbooks painting Moses as one of our founding fathers is hysterical and guaranteed to produce some of the dumbest students on earth.

(2) I am a small business owner and discovered that I pay more in taxes than our Governor for the same income! 

Last year Gov. Abbott made about $134,000 (not including tax free money in the millions for an injury), yet he paid only a little over $100 in taxes. Last year, my CPA said that I owe about $4,000 for making about the same net as the Governor. 

My company generates six figure revenue which is not enough to incur the Texas franchise tax; yet you want to refund part of that tax instead of paying down the $40 Billion in road debt accumulated by you and Gov. Perry during the past decade. How does giving us of us $179 a year while I sit in traffic and dodge potholes make sense? It's penny wise and pound foolish.

(3) You talk about being "pro life" yet you refuse to expand Medicaid even though it would cost the state nothing. 

In fact, by not expanding it you are costing Texas taxpayers hundreds of billions in costs as well as the loss of our tax dollars paid to Washington. Meanwhile, millions of poor Texans go without healthcare.  This too makes no sense. 

How does denying medical care to the poor equate to being "pro life" or doing what Jesus would do? I recall he healed the sick rather than ignoring them as you have.

(4)  According to Texas A&M University 44% of people live within 100 miles of the coast. 

Yet you pretend that climate change doesn't exist and are failing to plan for its impact on droughts and rising sea levels. We expect our leaders to live in the real world, not like ostriches with their heads in the sand. A good start would be reading "Houses of Straw."

(5) A healthy democracy requires at least a two-party state instead of leaders hellbent to act as dictators of the agenda. You complain of the president's executive actions yet you are doing the same thing with one-party rule.

To be the meantime I point you towards REAL solutions in the second half of "Agenda for American Greatness"

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