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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King -- message for the world

Remembering Coretta Scott King

We have lost another visionary leader. Many people do not know that Coretta Scott King was the strength and encourage behind Martin Luther King’s message of social change by non-violence. She often filled in at speeches when he could not be there.

As a child she had to walk five miles to school -- while white kids passed by riding in buses. How could an American society treat people so differently? We must not let it happen again. The world will miss her drive for justice and activism for equal rights for all people. That is what this country is about.

On TV this morning I saw Sen. Frist announce that a Museum of African American history will be built in the Washington mall. I endorse this long overdue project.

We really need to apply MLK’s message on a global scale – social change without violence and terrorism.

Compare Al Qaida’s bombings and kidnappings to what MLK achieved with only the sound of his voice, when he declared people judge others “by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.” Our own peace corps and Habitat for Humanity have built far more goodwill worldwide than any weapon we have produced or used.

In my travels in over 50 countries I have learned that no one has a monopoly on good or bad. I have seen mostly good, and some bad, in all places.

That is the message we should remember on his sad day with the loss of Coretta Scott King.

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