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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Face Time

I am always surprised when I am the only candidate to show up at a GOP event. I guess everyone else is too busy to meet with local leadership. For me, keeping in touch with the people is best done face to face.

Last night I went to the Harris County GOP party for the close of nominations and the Galveston County GOP party. I saw none of the other three candidates.

Someone said that the incumbent had sent a “representative” to Galveston, apparently not willing to go himself. Personally, I Galveston even more last night when I saw their BBQ table – all Harris County served was fancy cheese and crackers.

People I met are concerned about cronyism and the image of the party

Today I was the only GOP Congress candidate who bothered to turn up at the City of Houston swearing in ceremony for Houston’s first woman-majority council that is about equally split between GOP and Democrats.

But I did bump into Democrat Rep. Al Green --as I was going up the line shaking hands with the new council, I noticed that he was coming down the line from the other end. We met in the middle. Then we both kept going. It was good for a laugh.

We need a return to the bipartisan working relationship to resolve community problems and issues that Judge Eckels and Mayor White demonstrated as true leaders during Katrina…

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