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Friday, January 06, 2006

Sharon and the Future of the Middle East

The news about Israel's Prime Minister Sharon having a major stroke could not come at a more delicate time.

Sharon has been the guiding figure in a major transformation in Israeli-Palestinian relations. Without him, the future of the Middle East peace process is uncertain at best. Now, even Palestinians worry about the future without Mr. Sharon, as broadcast on Houston TV last night.

We hope that his legacy will carry through the peace process if he is unable to return to work. I have spent time in the Middle East since I was a young negotiator in the late 1970's. I was in Cairo, Egypt, in 1979 when the first visit by an American President established the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country (Egypt). In fact, my room was used for the Presidential delegation (I went to private home). I was privileged to give up my residence for such a historic event.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Sharon, the Middle East, and the world. All of whom deserve peace and stability.

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