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Monday, March 26, 2007

Attacking Iran: Another Bad Idea

A news article suggests that the U.S. should bomb Iran's nuclear facities "before the end of this year" to avoid potential fallout from something that may not happen for years. This is another bad idea - remember Iraq?

If people think that attacking Iran won't come with some "payback" then they are really mistaken. Iran could fire a supersonic missile that would sink an aircraft carrier with 5,000 Americans on board - and that's just for starters.

If our government leaders buy in to this stupid argument, then Iraq will look like a child's game compared to the body count that a conflict with Iran would generate.

Come on guys, you have to be more creative than bombing people you don't like. Russia has been providing Iran with its nuclear technical help. They need to quit - and we need to make that attractive.

We don't need another war based on wishful thinking and stupid assumptions that result in a bigger mess in the middle east. Iran is a long way from being a threat.

Despite the article urging Iran be bombed "by the end of this year" no bombing needs to happen this year. We have more time than that. People don't need to be stampeded into another foolish war. We already have our hands full in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In case no one has noticed, bombing Iraq has not fixed any problems.

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