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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Iran's Hostages

This week I made an appearance on Houston TV to talk about Iran's capture of 15 British sailors. An article has come out in Russia which claims the capture was planned. It probably was.

I was almost in Iran in 1978 when Americans ended up being hostages for 444 days - it cost Pres. Carter his job. I had been scheduled to be a contract attorney on a naval base being built for the Shah. Luckily, another job came along instead or I could have been one of the hostages.

This episode could drag on. The importance to the U.S. is evident. It could wider the Iraq war or result in a greater loss of life. My thoughts of how this could play out are on the TV clip.

The "persistence of the unforeseen" and events beyond anyone's control could sweep the U.S. into a deeper mess in the Middle East...

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