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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mistreatment of Vets – Putting the Incompetent back in Charge

People seem to be missing the point on the scandal enveloping the treatment of Iraq war vets at Walter Reed. It seems to be an endemic problem, as reported by soldiers and their families from around the world.

You can’t blame that on just the guy who was in charge the last six months. The solution? They put the former head of the unit in charge! How long under his command has the same thing been happening? Why put back in charge one of the people who was either incompetent or indifferent to notice rats and filth in his hospital, designed for the vets returning from hell in Iraq? Is anyone thinking?

I don’t think the answer is putting back in the same people who created and/or ignored the problem. A whole new leadership team needs to be brought in.

Congress is missing the point by focusing only on the last person who had just dropped into the driver’s seat. NONE of them bothered to go look at their own facilities, or they would have seen the rats for themselves.

We need intelligent, hands on leadership, not more blind bureaucrats…but that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

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