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Monday, October 27, 2008

Al Qaida endorses....John McCain! Yikes!

They call it the endorsement from hell - an Al Qaida website has endorsed....John McCain for President! Don't take my word for it, check out the article.

Why? Apparently Al Qaida thinks McCain will be like Bush and help them
recruit more people to their flawed cause. WOW. They might even
launch a pre-election attack to help McCain win!

I was a TV Middle East expert during the first Gulf War. On and after
9/11, I was a TV Terrorism analyst in Houston. It makes sense that Al
Qaida would endorse for President someone they think will maintain a
high anti-American sentiment that will make their recruiting easier.

An Obama win would deflate Al Qaida. When Sen. Obama spoke in Germany,
over 100,000 people turned out to LISTEN not to protest. If he is
elected, anti-American sentiment would diminish -- and with less anger
at the U.S. it would make Al Qaida's recruiting much harder.

In short, Al Qaida has benefited from the Bush 43 years which failed
to even capture or kill Mr. Bin Laden. Because of misstatements of a
"crusade" and the religious extremists supporting Tom DeLay and
President Bush, who hoped the war would spark "Armageddon," it was
perceived as a religious war by the West against the East. A President
McCain that thinks of Iraq like Vietnam -- who could be erratic in
policy or die in office leaving the war to an inexperienced former
Governor with no international knowledge -- would boost Al Qaida's
ability to recruit suicide bombers indefinitely.

Al Qaida apparently sees a President Obama undercutting them because
his presence would put an entirely new face on America -- and would
diminish the negative feelings towards the U.S. and its policies. The
evidence was in the 100,000 people in Germany standing for hours to
hear a Presidential candidate speak -- when the current President is
greeted with jeers and protest lines as far as the eye can see. The next President will need their support to get our global financial mess fixed also.

So I can see why it makes sense for Al Qaida, if they could vote,
would prefer Sen. McCain.

So if you want to do want Al Qaida wants, vote McCain.


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