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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Old vs New - Need for Global financial leadership

I shot this in West Texas as the perfect example of the old and new technologies for energy.

Oil pumps are a relic of the 20th century energy driver. The wind turbines lining the ridges in this area represent a growing new industry for the 21st Century --consisting of (free) renewable energy from wind and solar sources.

Twenty years ago these ridges were empty, like many others I saw on the journey from Houston to Odessa and back. We have tremendous potential for growth in wind and solar energy in Texas. It would also preserve Texas' historic role as an energy provider.

Despite the global financial crisis upon us, energy will continue to be needed in growing amounts. The "pump only" strategy risks our entire future as those sources play out despite more drilling --unless we have developed alternatives that allow us to keep the lights on -- and grow. It would also allow us to grow into a cleaner future.

Who will make that commitment for America as the next President?

It has not happened in the last eight years of a GOP administration. And with a replacement VP nominee coming from a rich oil producing state that has never had a tough budget to balance, they are not going to be the ones who take us to energy independence with a "Marshall Plan" that it needs to be.

The other thing bothering me is that I grew up in a little town in Iowa not much different than Wasilla, Alaska.

The big difference is that I got out of that little town and ended up traveling worldwide (over 50 countries) as a young Fortune 500 negotiator. That experience gave me insights in other cultures that you never get as an elected official at the top.

It tells me that if you have never been out of your State or town your entire life, you have no business being a heartbeat from running our Ship of State, especially in a global financial crisis.

That would be like turning the Titanic over to one of the passengers along for the ride. Americans have had a rough enough ride without making it worse. We need leadership who will push alternative 21st century energy technology and bring a global action team together to resolve what is now a worldwide financial meltdown.

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